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There is an urgent need for sustainable and flexible infrastructure solutions for vessels and ships to meet the challenges posed by the need for rapid decarbonisation, including in urban and sensitive environmental settings.

Our Smart Hubs provide a versatile, scalable, and sustainable solution which can be rapidly installed in locations all over the world, especially ports and harbours.


Our Smart Floating Hubs are mobile in the water and can be placed in different locations to accommodate characteristics of each vessel segment (e.g. cruise ships, ferries, cargo ships) with an easily expandable system that allows multiple ships to be docked at the same time.

  • Sustainability: Reduce local emissions and avoid high costs of quality marine diesel 

  • Adaptability: Flexible power supplies to suit all fleets coupled with battery storage system

  • Agility: In busy periods both marshalling and queuing for berths can be serviced with shore supply hubs

  • Future proofing: Digital twin of complete system available for shipbuilders during design phase 

  • Security: Ships can also supply power to the shore in times of disaster. (Infrastructure resilience) 

  • Connectivity: Hi speed Internet connection – with other local IOT sensors available 

  • Efficiency System includes control room facilities to monitor and operate the hubs. 


The hubs provide a multi-use platform to connect the visiting ship to shore for all utilities including power which allows the ship to not have to run its engines for the duration of the stay. 

A cluster of hubs at a total load capacity of 2400 tonnes and an 3200 sqm surface area, connected to shore power mid stream or near shore, with gangways to provide direct access to and from the berth. The hub formation provides:

  • A multi cable connection with conditioned power at high voltages/frequencies 

  • A platform for passengers to embark and disembark with a terminal operated without the need for tenders/ ferries which could include border control and custom facilities

  • Shore Supply Hub with buildings to house relevant shore supply switch gear, control panels and monitoring equipment.

  • Border Control & Customs Hub with building to house passenger/crew/pilot/harbour master officials and equipment to allow efficient processing of both passengers and goods.

Transport and Logistics Hub with building/covered storage and incorporating a Passenger Ticket Hall for managing the movement of passengers, crew, baggage and provisions effectively from ship to shore.

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