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ELIRE Infra bolsters engineering and design team with high-calibre industry experts.

ELIRE Infra ramps up for market readiness, recently welcoming several new senior leaders from the world of maritime and infrastructure engineering and design. The new appointments solidify the company’s commitment to its engineering excellence applied to its launch product, the Smart Hubs, to enable the rapid deployment of much-needed and must-have infrastructure for ports and cities. 

Recent additions to this team include Rajeev Verma, current Chief Engineer at Lockheed Martin, Patrick Lane-Nott, former Director of Engineering at hyperTunnel with a career background in Formula 1, and Andy King, from a long-standing international naval architecture and commercial maritime background.

“The purpose of adding these high-calibre professionals to the ELIRE Infra team internally now is to consolidate all of the hard work and efforts made over the last two years. This will now accelerate our capabilities with our major projects, retain critical IP, allow for co-developing with global partners while being agile, and flexible, and further develop our solutions towards many industry applications.

We have high ambitions and have built great momentum in the last 12 months. The experience of our new team members represents not only how far we have come with our product innovation, it also demonstrates our commitment to ramping up capabilities and resources to deliver the major projects ahead in our pipeline for this year and beyond” states Group CEO of ELIRE Group, Luke Jenkinson”.

These leaders are complemented by Mario Fuentes, a design surfacing specialist and ex-Ferrari designer, and Saif Ansari, a Dubai-based qualified Design Engineer with offshore wind farm passion and experience. 

ELIRE Infra are further poised to announce a dedicated internal team of architect professionals who are in turn working together on the building structure solutions and options. The structures will also be designed to be multipurpose, and modular and follow the design philosophy of the hubs, making a complete plug-and-play solution from top to bottom.

“High value, innovative technology with simplicity at its core is the key to our approach at ELIRE Infra. In my role as CTO I will focus on overseeing and developing the technical capabilities of our infrastructure within ELIRE Infra, integrating existing and future advanced technologies to ensure we remain ahead of the game, compatible and compliant with key regulations” added Rajeev Verma, who has been appointed ELIRE Group CTO.

Patrick Lane-Nott, recently appointed to ELIRE Infra as VP of Engineering said: “Joining this pioneering infrastructure company and bringing my extensive engineering and innovation development experience to the team is an exciting challenge. We will be working in close collaboration with world-leading partners to deliver these smart infrastructure projects to transform future mobility.”

As ELIRE Infra will deliver major projects in the maritime industry in 2024, Andy King had this to share on his new role as VP of Naval Architecture for the company: “The breadth of immediate applications for our infrastructure in maritime is exciting.

We have a huge opportunity now to shape innovation, specifically in UK maritime, and I look forward to working closely with my existing network to ensure production readiness and smooth certification processes for our maritime projects.”

The engineering and design team are focused on the ELIRE Infra’s significant launch projects in 2024 that will soon be showcased to the world while establishing several key co-development programs with global, leading industry technology firms.


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