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ELIRE Infra Blue Smart Hubs


Our Smart Hubs and the service offering to support them are a direct response to a lack of solutions available for ports to integrate new systems and technology fast enough to make a positive impact.

No other infrastructure currently available can provide the same range of powerful benefits in a single solution.

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Purposefully designed

to be cost effective

and quick to deploy.

Developed to avoid

costly & complex


Engineered to reduce

the installation period, 

minimising downtime

Future proofed to be

flexible & safely


multiple power

& energy sources

Manufactured for

resilience with scope to 

 integrate new tech

Pre-certified for

quicker planning

& approval

Modular for scalability,

demountable for

reuse and repurpose



Maritime Hubs (Blue Hubs) are engineered and designed to stimulate waterways and our oceans.

Harbours and ports are the key to our trade and economy, here we have the best locations in the world for our cities to develop and manage change and transition. 

The floating infrastructure solutions provide must have options for the transition to zero emission, allowing for vessels to refuel with clean energy without the complications of building on land.

The floating Smart Hubs can be integrated to all and any port and harbour locations easily without disruption to operations and traffic flow. A network of these hubs allows for green corridors to be set up for cruise and cargo vessels.

The ocean and waterways also provides the safest solution for the transportation and storage of new clean energy needed to power cities.


Smart Hubs (Green Hubs) - on land hubs are a smart, easy solution for brown and green field infrastructure developments.

Green Smart Hubs are an affordable and fast means of establishing critical infrastructure to evolve the transition to a cleaner transportation system.

The implementation of a network of hubs (Blue and Green) can deliver cities and communities huge savings in time, in money, and a massive reduction in CO2.

The social impacts are equally valuable here as the environmental impact - connecting communities, creating jobs and stimulating economies

ELIRE Infra Green Smart Hubs
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Taking todays technology and simply making infrastructure easyand smarter. Engineered & designed to enable todays and tomorrows advanced technologies


Our team of engineers and designers developed an incredibly flexible and scalable concept that meets the needs for the future of cities and ports. We have taken the technology of today and made it smarter.

This included using hexagon shaped platforms that can be connected into clusters to form larger surface area operational infrastructure.

The hubs are made up of a centre technical nucleus that integrates the technology components including cables and pipes depending on the application and intended operation of the hub/s.

Six mega platforms are then built and connected to the nucleus to establish the hub foundation.



Based on our unique IP and designs, we are able to establish manufacturing locally, stimulating local economies and creating jobs.

We are super fast, where we have a quick 12 month lead time for production. We aim to reduce this down to 6 months, to enable a project from feasibility, to build, then install within a total of 12 months.

Our Smart Hubs are produced in a combination of concrete, steel and/ or aluminium depending on the locations environmental conditions. 

Panels and pieces of the mega platforms that make up the hexagons and technical nucleus are all pre-fabricated offsite and then brought to the site for build & construction, saving huge impacts on the environment as well as time.

The hubs can be moored and anchored in any location around the world.

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Our team of experienced engineers, designers and consultants work with our clients to ensure the best solutions for smart infrastructure and the operation of these are explored.


This may include for example a full feasibility of the application of the Smart Hubs, the necessary site inspections and mapping of the location including a 3D simulation and digital twin option.


Here the team can develop the safest and simplest solutions to ensure the infrastructure is installed fast while saving costs and careful not to disturb current operations.


ELIRE Infra have developed a detailed yet simple service solution to provide clients as close to a plug and play model as possible.


Hubs as a Service (HaaS) is a financial framework created by ELIRE Infra for cities, ports, governments and the private sector to breakdown the barriers to implementing new infrastructure which is essential for the transition to zero emissions.


ELIRE offer a complete whole life service of the infrastructure assets that include the entire plug and play ecosystem that can be delivered and operated and maintained using a DFBOM (design, finance, build, operate, maintain) contract suitable for private public partnerships (PPP) regional contracts.


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