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At ELIRE Infra our journey to develop essential infrastructure to enable the clean energy transition is underpinned by a strong commitment to sustainability throughout our product lifecycle phases of design, install, use and repurpose. 


We support the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, contributing primarily to the following:


Our hubs allow facilities to be created without the damaging impact on water quality that can be caused by land reclamation, piling and sediment movement. Our solutions are equally well suited to freshwater and saltwater environments.


We have designed our solution with the intention to mobilise the rapid deployment of marine renewables technologies and also be capable of providing energy to ships to allow them to switch off hydrocarbon fuel sources and connect to shore side power supplies, battery swap technologies, hydrogen or other future fuels.


Our aim is that our modular smart hubs are manufactured locally and assembled in place, allowing for local workforces to have sustained work, rather than transient workforces.


This is the crux of our approach, allowing the deployment of resilient infrastructure, showcasing innovation and allowing sustainable expansion without the damage to habitats and ecosystems so often seen.


Our solutions bring more sustainable platforms, with lower environmental impact and greater resilience to climate change.


We put considerable effort into identifying improved environmental footprints for the resources we utilise, our solution, being modular (scalable), and floating can be removed and repositioned elsewhere, whether to fulfill the same function or a new function, thereby saving on the single use of resources commonly associated with port and city expansion, often leaving stranded un-maintained assets after the initial use case has concluded.


Installing our solutions, reduces carbon footprints, is flood resilient and can be installed much more quickly than traditional reclamation equivalents.


Our solutions allow life below water to continue to thrive and exist, in contrast to  the traditional alternative, which is to claim the sea, by infilling and permanently destroying habitats.


By using our floating smart hubs, we reduce the pressure on land based ecosystems.

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